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25 Years Serving Pensacola and Counting

It was July 3rd 1989 when Melinda Baransy and I moved our already successful dj, sound and entertainment business from Virginia Beach VA Where we attended college and met, to Pensacola FL. We had just gotten married earlier that same year and made a huge leap of faith by moving to the Gulf Coast. Our first show was at the Spanish Bluff Apartments (which was taken by hurricane Ivan in 2004) where we first lived, on July 4th poolside for a Independance day Pool party. It’s hard to believe that was 25 years ago. 2014 marks the year long celebration of A DJ Connection serving Pensacola and our surrounding cities of Mobile AL and Destin FL for 25 years. We have grown to a size and have performed more shows than I could ever have imagined. We are proud to own the #1, most requested, most decorated, most thanked, best received disc jockey service on the Gulf Coast. We have won awards and been recognized locally, regionally and nationally. We have performed over 5000 shows, weddings and parties. We grew from a single operator to 10 complete sound systems, then on to a concert sound and stage lighting, then on to audio visual services, with huge screens and projectors, then came lasers and led decorative up lighting and most recently our sister company Pensacola Photo Booth. We have reached and entertained over 50,000 people. Our team of personality professional djs, sound techs, lighting techs, computer techs, sales team and office management are the heart and soul of the company. I have so many people to thank for getting us where we are and I have been blessed in ways that only God can explain.

The list of people is too long to mention them all but I must first thank God for granting me the wisdom to make good choices, then thanks to my parents for renting the first amp and speakers to help get me going and never ending love and support, thanks to my Wife Melinda, my Daughters Megan and Emma, thanks to my spiritual leaders and Pastors, thanks to Christian McArthur for his never ending support and guidance to me, my family and company, gone but never forgotten friends and DJs John Maney and Jeff Stephens, thanks to my board of directors (you know who you are) thanks to current managers Ric McArthur, Shawn Rowe and Andrea Sapp. Thanks to all the authors and speakers who have shared their love of the business of music and the art of disc jockey magic with me.

I remember a time when we were excited about the first cd player we bought for like 700 bucks and later proud of our 5000 song collection of songs on compact disc. Who knew what was in store?

Who knows what’s in store for the next 25 years? I have no idea, but one thing is for sure, the government doesn’t have the answer and never will. People, personalities, communications and relationships are vital to success. It doesn’t matter if we show up in a flying van, we have got to keep talking. We have to resist the temptation of hiding behind a computer screen, tablet or smartphone and step outside our comfort zone of technology and speak face to face, shake hands, laugh and hug. Success only comes from hard work. A DJ Connection and the business of a disc jockey has the privilege of creating jobs and revenue while making people smile, laugh dance while facilitating a recipe for fond memories.

Thanks to you all for the last 25 years and I look forward to the next 25 with you all.

Matthew Baransy

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