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Pensacola Theatrical Fog Haze, Pyro, Cold Spark Fountains

A DJ Connection professional Disc Jockey Services and entertainment is proud to offer Pensacola Florida and our surrounding areas cold spark fountains, professional theatrical fog, haze and low lying fog.  We also offer a pyro effect from a Chauvet Geyser.

These machines are designed for lighting enhancement.  You can not see a beam of light and especially a laser beam of light without fog or haze in the air.  Our fog is completely safe to breath and water based. They will not set off fire alarms when used in moderation. 

We have different sizes to choose from depending on your room size and what you need to accomplish.

When you want the theatrical haze without the white clouds of smoke a haze machine is what you will want to rent.

When you want both theatrical haze and the effect of white smoke, a fog machine would be best.

When you want a pyrotechnic effect with white fog and lights mixed in shooting straight up, you want to rent a pyro fogger.

Call us at 850.968.1968 to reserve your machines.

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