A DJ Connection has the most experienced and highly skilled, trained professional entertainers on the Gulf Coast.  We have an office with a team of folks who are booking managers, in house promoters, social media, web site.  Our entertainment team includes DJs, Music Mixers, A/V set up, Sound, Lighting and Photo Booth operators

Matthew Baransy

Matthew Baransy is the co-owner of A DJ Connection and Pensacola Photo Booth. He owns and operates with Wife and Partner Melinda Baransy. Matthew has been a DJ since 1987 and has performed over 1000 events. He is always looking for new talented team members to join his team of professionals. He and Melinda also own the Sister company to A DJ Connection and where they are Realtors, Buy, Sell and lease homes in Pensacola.

Melinda Baransy

Melinda Baransy is the co-owner of A DJ Connection LLC and Pensacola Photo Booth. Melinda works in the office and of course has tons to do with the success of our group of entertainment companies. Melinda is the property manager for Baransy Properties. #girlpower


Emma Baransy is the Daughter of Matthew and Melinda. She is a professional Photo Booth operator and works in the Pensacola Chemstrand office. She is a college student at PSC. Emma also love children of all ages and does a lot of babysitting with her long list of certifications. Emma is a past Tate High School Softball Pitcher and has played several positions and most recently coached a team at Olive! Emma is of course a lifelong #teambaransy member. #girlpower

Shawn Rowe

Shawn is a Team leader, lead DJ, and has performed more DJ parties than just about any DJ on the Gulf Coast. He is a lead photo booth operator, AV tech, lighting tech, and video tech, music manager, web designer, graphic designer. Shawn performs any event, including wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, holiday parties, Christmas Parties, Halloween Parties, Anniversaries, pool parties, karaoke and trivia. Shawn has performed over 800 events and has been on our team since 2009.


Andrea is on the office team, she is a photo booth graphic designer. She performs any event including wedding reception, wedding ceremony, holiday party. pool party, karaoke, school event, grand openings. She has performed at hundreds of events and has been on the team for 12 years. #girlpower


DJ Dawson has been busy this year doing a LOT of shows and events. He is a nice guy, easy going and loves to bring fun and love to an event. Dawson also works as gear manager keeping all of the electronics in order. Dawson also works in the A DJ Connection Chemstrand Office.

David from A DJ Connection

David is an awesome DJ for a variety of events, he is a set up tech / engineer for A DJ Connection, A/V, He is the tech for the outdoor inflatable movie screen. David is a photo booth operator. He is an equipment manager and an extremely valuable team member. David makes the BIG shows happen!

Jacqueline from A DJ Connection

Jacqueline is on our office team. She creates some BEAUTIFUL photo booth graphics. She offers support to both a DJ Connection and Pensacola Photo Booth. She helps manage social media and web sites, Photo Booth media management. We are lucky to have her on our team. She has been a Family friend to the Baransy's since 2003. #girlpower


Samuel is an old family friend of #teambaransy and work in the office and is a great photo booth operator.


Becca from Pensacola Photo Booth is a professional photographer and a photo booth operator.


Andy is a behind the scenes, security manager, web master and IT manager and business support manager. He is a highly sought after Wedding Emcee.


Vanessa is a professional dance instructor and she teaches and demonstrates a wide variety of dances. You can book / add Vanessa to any of our dj events and of course we supply the sound system or you can book her through us with a small sound system. She specializes in Latin Dances. #girlpower

Troy with A DJ Connection

Troy brings 40+ year exp and has worked as a Musician, DJ, KJ, sound tech & booking agent. And with over 1000+ events is our resident oldies expert. If you're planning an event for your 50+ age group ask for Troy!


Ric is a professional musician, a one man band, so of course he sings and plays guitar and all of the instruments he uses in his live shows. He is extremely talented and of course is a great emcee and dj. We are proud to offer to book Ric as a DJ or when you want live entertainment, call us 850.968.1968

Bill from Pensacola Photo Booth

Bill was project manager at our new Chemstrand office / showroom location and a great people person. Bill is an outside sales manager for both A DJ Connection and Pensacola Photo Booth. Bill work full time selling RVs so when you need an RV, call BILL