Decorative Party  Lighting Rentals

Decorative party room lighting is an easy, fast and affordable way to decorate and illuminate your wedding, party or dance room.  If you are renting a tent, there is no better way to light your tent than with led decorative lighting. You want your venue to feel warm and festive.  You do not want your room to feel or look like a meeting room.  LED up lights and room lights are available in any color you can imagine.  We offer wired and wireless lighting options.  Yes, we can use a battery power high output led RGB light and put it anywhere you can imagine with no power required.  We also offer LED warm white cafe string lights if you want to hang lights and have overhead lighting for a beautiful back yard, bistro setting.


If you are a DIY person, you can pick up the lights from our showroom located at A DJ Connection 10311 Chemstrand Rd. Pensacola FL. 32514.  Call 850.968.1968 for affordable pricing.   

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