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A DJ Connection is Never "Too Cool for School"!

Our DJs are energetic, young, and really know how to party! We will play the music students want to hear and make sure the whole dance is full of entertainment! Your school dance will never be as fun as one with A DJ Connection!


Selecting a DJ based on price alone is risky. If you are looking for the cheapest price, WE ARE NOT IT.  A DJ Connection's credibility is a safe bet!

Here are some frequently asked questions that you may want to ask your next DJ.

Q: Have you ever performed at our school?

A: Since 1989, A DJ Connection has performed at almost EVERY school on the Gulf Coast!

Q: Do you have liability insurance?

A: Schools can not afford to have uninsured DJs on school property. A DJ Connection carries over one million dollars in coverage.

Q: Do you take and play requests?

A: We do both. We play the music the students came to dance to. We take requests in person and we also have an online music selector to help you decide.

Q: Do you have clean and edited versions of your music, like on the radio?

A: We do! All of our music is radio-edited with no explicit lyrics.

Q: Do you have a very large sound system suited for our room size and number of guests?

A: Absolutely! It takes a huge sound system for music to sound good in a gym - a pair of speakers on stands isn’t enough. When your DJ is under-powered, you will have big problems because we know you want the music LOUD with BASS!

Q: What if you get sick? Will we still have a DJ?

A: A DJ Connection has a team of solid DJs. We will NEVER cancel on you! How much is THAT worth? 

You can expect pure joy to be on the face of every student at a dance with A DJ Connection- no matter the age of their age! We excel with all age groups. We've done hundreds of events at elementary, middle, junior, and high schools!

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