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With the help of A DJ Connection, you can kiss the idea of a boring wedding goodbye! Our DJs are full of energy and know how to have a good time. Our entire staff is passionate about exceeding expectations so we know you'll be thrilled with our services. Hours upon hours of our time will be devoted to careful planning and consulting to make sure you get exactly what you want on your big day. We've been a part of thousands of beautiful weddings & we would love to add yours to our list!

While planning for your wedding, please remember that your DJ is just as important as the vendors who will provide photography, flowers, and cake for your special day! We aren't lying! A bad DJ could easily ruin months of your careful planning. Ask yourself if you want to take a risk on such an important day! A practiced DJ knows the value of their work and will be able to prove their worth to you and ensure you're happy. 


A DJ Connection is here to help with your wedding Ceremony sound. We want to make sure your music is played at the right volume, at the exact right time. We are highly trained and we understand there is no room for error. Our quality sound equipment will ensure you and your guests have the best experience possible during your special moments.


A DJ Connection is also here to rock the socks off of everyone at your wedding reception! We  will set the mood of the entire celebration and play the music you want to hear. Our highly trained DJs and MCs are great on the microphone and will help you introduce the wedding party, make announcements, or anything else you'll need! When it's time to dance all you need to know is...we will deliver!

Our reception includes everything you need for the reception of a lifetime!  We offer some rare and exclusive options / add on's such as decorative up-lights in any color and our brand new cold spark fireworks fountains that everyone is looking for and we will set it all all up for you for a hands off, turn key experince.

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