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New Dance Floor Rental!

We have a new outdoor dance floor available for rentals. The outdoor dance floor is available for use on grass and sand. It is very durable and is guaranteed to not harm natural grass or synthetic turf. There are small holes in the dance floor so that it breathes. This prevents harmful heat from building up underneath the dance floor, regardless of the temperature or outdoor weather, for as long as you need the dance floor.

A DJ Connection outdoor dance floor rental snap diamond plate clear white

This outdoor dance floor is very durable and designed for fast and easy deployment over grass, turf, and uneven terrain. The surface of the dance floor has diamond plate tread pattern which offers slip resistance in all weather.

A DJ Connection Outdoor Dance Floor Diamond Plate Clear White Grass Sand Rental

This outdoor dance floor can even be paired with our indoor dance floor for a different look!

Stop by our showroom and office located at: 10311 Chemstrand Rd. Pensacola, FL 32514, to view this dance floor and other rental selections in person!

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