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Tate's Haunted Hoco!

If you're going to be at Tate High School's Haunted Homecoming this weekend we will be at the dance keeping people on the dance floor and adding to the spookiness of this haunted homecoming!This homecoming is going to be a black light extravaganza, many of which provided by us, to really add to the haunted atmosphere of this Halloween season.

J.M. Tate High School Aggies A DJ Connection Pensacola Photo Booth Haunted Homecoming 2018 Hoco Black Lights

Our sister company, Pensacola PhotoBooth, will also be there. So, be sure to stop by our photo booth and have some fun! Enjoy a variety of props and make some memories with your friends that you can take home with you, and view online afterwards! We hope to help make this homecoming a very entertaining and memorable event!

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