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"My dj just cancelled and there is only 3 hours until my reception"

You can go broke saving money. We just received a phone call Sept 2nd 2017, from the Father of the Bride saying their DJ just told them he will not be there today and the wedding starts in 3 hours! I asked what he was paying the dj and he said 200.00. I asked who it was and he said a friend of a friend. I have heard similar things about some schools recently. Folks, you get what you pay for for professional dj services. This goes for weddings and school dances and any event. If your dj cancelling is going to be a problem, ruin your wedding, cause no music to be there for the school dance, maybe you want to bump up the priorities and budget for that service. Sure you can always find a better price but will your dj show up? What happens if he or she gets sick? TODAY a family in Perdido is stressed beyond imagination. They are getting ready for the ceremony and they have no dj. We of course are booked to capacity so unfortunately we could not help them at any price.

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