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Students Deserve a GREAT DJ!

Why shouldn’t clients simply shop for the lowest price in all of their event services? A DJ Connection has been in the DJ business since 1989 and we have tried to educate our clients the best deal isn’t always the cheapest price. Call us at 850-968-1968 or visit our web at

My phone rang today with a frantic school dance sponsor. “I need a DJ this Sataurday,” she stressed. I asked why she needed to book so late. She told me her DJ wasn’t returning her calls. I asked what her music budget was. She said $400.00. I asked how many students had purchased tickets and what was the fee to get in. She said 700 kids and 35.00. That’s $24,500.00! I asked her who the DJ was. She said it was a student that graduated from that school and “just DJs for fun.” Do you think the students of that school deserve a top notch DJ after paying 35.00 to get in? How about one with licensed music and not stolen from the web? How about one with the credentials/background check required by Florida law to ensure the DJ is safe to be around students? How about a sound system large enough for 700 students? $400.00 for a DJ? Really? I quoted her our price and she said that’s just too high. I wished her the best of luck. Lesson? When you book a DJ, please consider more than just pricing. In the case of schools and school dances, I do not recommend having students shop DJs, and be in charge of DJ selection, bookings, contracts and payment. I understand SGA thinks this is a great learning opportunity, but I think there may be some other learning opportunities that will not affect the entire student body if one student should make an error.

Since 1989, A DJ Connection has provided our Pensacola, FL and surrounding area schools with huge sound systems, the finest in crazy cool lighting, lasers and the music the students want to hear without the explicit lyrics. I’ll admit we are not the cheapest in town, but we are certainly not the most expensive. However, we will give your students the highest quality entertainment package worthy of them paying $35.00 to go to the dance.

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