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Hiring a DJ for Your Wedding?

Hiring a DJ? Why do you want a DJ for your wedding? Silly question? Not really. I think that the job of selecting a DJ will become easier if you really think about what you are going to expect from your dj. Do you expect assistance with wedding reception planning? Will you want an emcee or master of ceremonies to make announcements and have experience in doing so? Will you want a separate sound system, wireless mic and music for your wedding ceremony? Will you want a high quality sound system matched to your room and your number of expected guests? Will you want professional dance lighting and possibly even club style laser lighting when it’s dance time? Will you want a video screen and projector for a “falling in love video or slide show”? Will you want decorative up or wall lighting in your choice of colors to make your room extra beautiful? Will you want your DJ to have a pretty, clean and attractive set up after you spend so much time and money decorating? Will you expect your dj to be professionally dressed and looking the part? Will you want to meet with your DJ in person to talk and plan? Would you like some online planning tools to assist you in selecting music and customizing your wedding? Will you want your dj to have all of your requests and own the edited version of each of them? Will you want your dj to beat mix and blend similar songs seamlessly together? Will you want your dj to have a back up plan in case your dj has an emergency or illness? Will you expect your dj to still be in business when your wedding day arrives? Will you want a performance guarantee in writing? Will you expect to pay your dj AFTER the job is complete and you are satisfied? Will you expect your DJ service to have legal and licensed music as opposed to stolen or downloaded music? Will you expect your dj to be security checked and without a criminal history? Will you expect your dj to carry a liability million dollar insurance policy in case he or she causes damages at no additional charge?

Wow, that’s a LOT of questions. “I never really thought about all that.” “I thought I was just hiring a dj.”

A DJ Connection started in Pensacola Florida and has been serving the Gulf Coast of Florida, Alabama and Mississippi for 25 years (as of 2014). I (Matthew Baransy) take the DJ business and the business of dj(ing) seriously. We will provide a yes we can or yes we do – answer to every question you just read. I think these are important aspects and services to seriously consider before hiring a dj. Many of these questions can be applied to any wedding vendor you are considering. Check your local Chamber of Commerce for membership. (A DJ Connection is the only Chamber member) Check the BBB for the vendors rating or grade (A DJ Connection has an A grade / rating.

Congratulations on your wedding day and I wish you luck and wisdom in your search for a team of wedding professionals who will work hard to make your day fun.

Call us anytime for any questions at 850.968.1968

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