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What UP Milton High?

This past week, DJ Kyle from A DJ Connection rocked the SOCKS off of the students from Milton High School for their 2017 prom. The crowd full of happy, dancing youth extended far beyond the dance floor; The entire room was loaded out with people enjoying the fun. The students and staff from Milton High School exceeded our expectations with their positive energy, attitudes, and respectfulness. You can truly tell that the students appreciated the attention to detail to play the music they wanted to hear. DJ Kyle slammed through today's most popular hits but didn't hesitate to go ultimate TBT mode on the students with the always popular "Hey Now' by Smash Mouth, causing a wave of emotional nostalgia to fumigate the room as the kids danced along and had visions of Shrek and Donkey. The whole night was a huge success for A DJ Connection as compliments flowed throughout the room. We look forward to working with schools for their special events and this prom was definitely included in the "Best Of" for 2017!

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