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Summer Paradise of 2014

It has been a hot 2014 Summer here in Pensacola Florida and the Gulf Coast of Alabama, Mississippi and Florida. We sometimes complain that it’s hot or a rain shower messes up our day, but I realize that we live in paradise. People from all around this great country fly on air planes and drive long distances to vacation where we live, work and play. They have their destination wedding here on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. I understand why. It’s awesome here. We have award winning championship baseball and hockey teams, concerts, great restaurants, great food, reasonable prices and we have the BEACH. Want more options of things to do, check Things to do in Pensacola. Pensacola FL is a best kept secret so don’t tell anybody : )

Oh and BTW if you need a great DJ and Photo booth for your wedding, we have lived here and have served our community with the finest in fun and entertainment since 1989, Thats 25 YEARS as of the writing of this article!

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